Mats Danielsson previously co-founded C-RAD, a company currently listed on the NASDAQ OMX First North Premier and has successfully developed and sold positioning equipment for radiation therapy. In 1999, Mats co-founded Mamea Imaging AB and commercialized Microdose Mammography photon counting detectors, offering improved images at around half the radiation dose compared to other systems.

He was CEO of Mamea Imaging for the first 5 years until the company was acquired by Sectra AB in 2004, by which time the first system was CE approved and successfully installed in mammography departments.

Mats Danielsson holds some 30 patents and is co-author of around 80 scientific articles and is a Professor in Physics of Medical Imaging in Stockholm, Sweden. He was a finalist for the Bepi Colombo Prize and was nominated as one of three scientists for the Polhem Prize, the most prestigious engineering prize in Sweden.

Bepi Colombo Prize

Polhem Prize

Erna Ebeling Prize