Our photon counting technology enables detection of single x-rays at very high rates. In photon counting all electronic noise can be eliminated from a minimum threshold level. All noise will be below this threshold and discarded x-ray signals will be above the threshold and are retained, without any loss. By eliminating noise the radiation dose can be reduced and the image quality increased. This is particularly important for medical application where the x-ray dose needs to be kept to a minimum, such as imaging of small children.

Photon counting also allows the energy of each x-ray to be measured. This means we can replace the current grey scale values with precise information using a map of density and average atomic number, removing artefacts, which are a common limitation in providing a correct diagnosis.

We emphasize robustness in all of our designs. Having no electronic noise is a very good start in the production of a robust system since noise is difficult to predict and dependent on environmental parameters that are often out of our control. We test our designs in harsh environments in terms of mechanical stress, temperature cycling and radiation exposure to verify the function over the whole product lifecycle. In a life or death situation, you need to trust your equipment.